You’ve got time – make sure you have fun

You’ve got time – make sure you have fun

The Grand Hotel Riffelalp celebrated its grand opening for summer tourism on 10 July 1884 and quickly became a playground for Europe’s high society. Today, Riffelalp Resort continues that great tradition with all the comforts of a modern ***** hotel.

1 september 1856
First Riffelalp plot purchased by Alexander Seiler.

1878 - 1884
Construction of the 150-bed Riffelalp Grand Hotel.

10 july 1884
Inauguration of the Grand Hotel for summer tourism; it soon became “the playground of European high society”.

Capacity of Riffelalp Grand Hotel increased to 200 beds, and several years later to 280 beds following acquisition of two annexe buildings.

February 1961
Main building completely destroyed by fire.

1986 - 1988
Alterations carried out to the two annexe buildings prior to the launch of 40-bed «Berghotel Riffelalp» and «Alpenresidenz Augstkumme» with holiday apartments.