Click-clack, click-clack

say goodbye to your fast-paced life and busy schedules

Once you have arrived at Zermatt, our local Porter will be glad to help you!

We care of you 

The Porter will look after your luggage and escort you to the Gornergrat railway. You will be given the tickets for the train.

Upon your arrival at Riffelalp, the Riffelalp Porter will take over your luggage, while you can either take a transfer or enjoy a short walk (5 min.) to the hotel.

Having arrived at Riffelalp your luggage will be transported by ski-doo and you will enjoy a 5-minute walk through the beautiful stone pine forest to the Resort – the holidays begin!

The highlight on your journey 

The leisurely 20-minute ride on the cogwheel train takes you through a breathtaking scenery to the Riffelalp plateau at 2,222 metres above sea level.

During summer our private tram (Europe’s highest) takes you through the wonderfully fragrant stone pine forest from Riffelalp station to the Resort.

{ Timetable Gornergratbahn }
Late night trains from Riffelalp to Zermatt 22.58 and 23.50

The last train to Riffelalp...

...leaves Täsch at 11:00 pm and Zermatt at 11:30 pm. The Gornergrat Bahn operates daily from 8:00 am until 4:24 pm every 24 minutes. For schedules and times please refer to the enclosed time table.

{ Fahrplan Gornergratbahn }

Late arrival:

In this case you have the option to have dinner at the village before boarding the late train at 9:50 pm or 11:30 pm.


There are no trains operating between 7:24 pm and 9:50 pm!

For the late trains leaving at 9:50 pm and 11:30 pm the station will open five minutes before departure. For visitors arriving later or leaving very early in the morning the only option is to spend the night in Zermatt.

To ensure a smooth arrival at our Resort, please inform us of your arrival time.

Arrival information for our hotel guests: