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Spa 2222m


Massage alpine

Alpine-Herbal Stamp Massage
Precious alpine herbs rejuvenate and nurture. The treatment starts with a short foot spa and a following head neck and face massage. The result is pure relaxation and silky-soft skin.
75 min. CHF 230.-


“Alpa”- Ritual
This deep relaxing, whole body massage ritual with our invigorating alpine herbal massage milk includes a foot spa as well as a nurturing head, neck and face massage.
80 min. CHF 230.-

Massage classic

Classic Massage*
Classic massage technics adapted to your individual problem zones.
25 min. CHF 80.-
50 min. CHF 145.-
80 min. CHF 220.-

Deep Tissue Massage*
This intense massage also reaches deep set muscles and will release and loosen your persistent tensions.
25 min. CHF 90.-
50 min. CHF 165.-
80 min. CHF 240.-

Aroma Relax Massage
We will spoil you with our high-quality aromatic oils. You can choose from vitalizing, calming or mood-lifting aroma-compositions.
25 min. CHF 85.-
50 min. CHF 150.-
80 min. CHF 225.-

*with oil from the Riffelalp-Arnika for muscle regeneration or with goat butter cream for the dry skin supplement CHF 10.- for 25 min. and CHF 15.- for 50 and 80 min.


Massage therapeutic

“Back” in Balance
Intense neck, shoulder and back treatment, with high quality oils and warming fluids. Individual trigger points will get worked thorough and deep-set tensions will loosen up.
45 min. CHF 145.-


Foot Reflexology
After a relaxing herbal foot spa, your feet will get treated with acupressure. Reflex zones will get stimulated pointedly to stimulate the whole body positively and to activate your self-healing forces.
50 min. CHF 150.-


Combined Massage*
This combination of our classical and our foot reflexology massage loosens muscular tensions and will harmonise your body functions. You will walk on clouds.
50 min. CHF 150.-


Lymphatic Drainage
A light rhythmical massage which supports the lymphatic activities, you will relax gently and detoxify your tissue by the way.
25 min. CHF 85.-
50 min. CHF 150.-

*with oil from the Riffelalp-Arnika for muscle regeneration or with goat butter cream for the dry skin supplement CHF 10.- for 25 min. and CHF 15.- for 50 and 80 min.

Massage international

Lomi Lomi Nui
This traditional Hawaiian temple massage will not only loosen your muscles but also your inner blockades. Slow and soft as well as fluid and dynamic strokes vary and relax your body, mind and soul.
80 min. CHF 230.-


Hot Stone Massage
Warm stones have always been used therapeutically in the old times. They favour your deep relaxation and will encourage the blood flow of your whole organism. Tensions will be relived and your body defences will get stronger.
45 min. CHF 155.-
75 min. CHF 230.-


This balancing full body massage, also called “the great oiling” has its source in the ayurvedic science. Rhythmical circling strokes with warm sesame-oil will detoxify your tissue and take you far-east.
80 min. CHF 230.-


This ayurvedic form of a head, shoulder and neck massage with warm sesame-oil will relax the whole head region and with the specifically used Marma-punctual-acupressure all energy blockades will get loosened.
45 min. CHF 150.-


Power of the Alps
Coated in gentian, marmot-oil and wheat ban, you will float in our warm waterbed. Cell regeneration and muscular relaxation will set in and joint pains will disappear.
35 min. CHF 140.-


Goat-butter Pack
This full body wrap will nature your skin with moisture and lipids. Irritated skin will soothe.
35 min. CHF 130.-


Algae Body-Wrap
Pack to purify and de-acidify. The organic compound of algae withdraws toxins out of your body. As a surplus, your skin will get treated with trace minerals and tissue gets strengthened.
35 min. CHF 120.-


Rock-Herb Salt Scrub
Delicate alpine salt exfoliation with arnica, rosemary and melissa. The essential oils have a soothing touch, arnica is anti-inflammatory and pain relieving.
35 min. CHF 130.-


Goat’s milk Scrub
Balancing skincare exfoliation ground chestnut. Your skin gets cleaned deeply and will get provided intensely with moisture.
35 min. CHF 130.-