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Riffelalp Tram

TRAM 2001
During the reconstruction of the 5-star Riffelalp Resort 2222 m hotel a revival of the tram operation was also considered. However, time had left its marks on the tram carriages, which made a re-commissioning of the original tram too costly. The installation of the original two-phase overhead contact line alone would not have been possible due to numerous new safety regulations.

After several options were developed, it was decided to re-establish the service with two motor cars for passenger transportation and one trailer for goods and luggage. Today, the tram is driven by a battery (80 V, 400 Ah) and two d.c. motors each delivering 10 kW. The battery is partially recharged during the electric breaking operation. A hydraulic disk break is used for stopping and mechanical breaking. The parking brake consists of a  springloaded brake.


Opening June 15, 2001
Overall length : 675,31 m
Length of line operated : 675,31 m
New terminal loop : 190,36 m
2 stops
2 switches
Rail weight : 26 kg/m
Rail type: Vignole
Steel sleepers approx. 40 kg each
Rail gauge : 0,80 m
Depot for 2 trams with battery station
Battery operation : 80 Volt, 320 Ah
Maximum speed : 10 km/h

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